Saturday, August 15, 2009

Age is Random

2am in the morning and what do you think about? What happened today, this week, this month??? Or just some silly things just randomly run through your mind. YOu can't predict or manage what you want to think about sometimes. It sort of happens.
Some random thoughts come to my mind tonight, at 2am. For instance, my age, it's never been an issue till now. As you get older, you come to terms, for instance, with the fact that you can now come up with your own sayings and obscure wisttisms (hmmm... is that spelt right). I am serious; when I was younger I wondered how my teachers and old uncles came up with such clever sayings, and I couldn't. Well, I've gotten to their age now and I have figured out how come they're so clever. It's called experience, that's what makes you come up with these wonderful sayings.

When you get to that half century mark, you go into a panic mode, naturally, it's a big number for anyone. You start to realise that you're getting older. But worst of all, is that you start checking out your friends, wondering who looks older, you or one of them. That's when you get on the likes of Facebook and all those wonderful social networking sites and start looking for old school and work friends. You deligently search them out just to see if they have posted any photos. Has 'the tart from 5B' put on weight at last and what was that handsome joe who used to sit behind me, what was he called, dang, wonder if he greyed well ... ooo what if he has paunch now ... yuk!!
You know, I'm so guilty of being an addict to the likes of FB, its almost embarrassing. FB promotes schizophrenia. You start talking in your head; words form in your head as if you're having a real conversation, while your fingers type. You make the expressions too in your mono conversation, in your head. You imagine how the person/s you're communicating with is saying whatever they wrote.
Schizo I tell you.

FB is like a hallucinogen; you know you shouldn't do it so much but one more hit, a teeny one won't hurt. And if anyone comes into the office and finds you've got FB, you guiltily hide it away, quick as a flash. I've seen bosses get on FB in the middle of a work day.

It's also bad for the economy. You don't need to go out on Saturday nights anymore, don't need to spend oudles at the pub, club or restaurants any more, just get your drink next to you, and FB away, listen to music and chatter to your heart's delight.

Internet is not the new highway, it's the new cafeteria, better still, it's the new hangout joint.
Woo hoot!!

Listen, if you're not on the net nowadays, you're a nobody. You're not only behind time, you're prehistoric and a lonely one at that.

If you can't find yourself on a search engine, then where are you???

What would you do if you're bored and can't get on the net, FB and the like? I guess you will have to fight boredom another way. How about : FIGHT BOREDOM - MAKE FACES AT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR

Talking about age; I said this is a random note, didn't I. Anyway, when I reached the big 50, I finally learnt the true impact gravity has on the human body. I learn by experiencing. Gravity is real people, I have a bruised bottom and can't see my feet anymore.
When you get to this mid life thing, you begin to see mild inconveniences start to occur, this is the sign that you're headed to "old age"; your mind and body are no longer harmonised and in synchrony. Your mind tells you that you can and want to do something and your body doesn't even bother rebelling let alone produce any action.

When I younger, gosh, I never thought I would ever hear myself say those words. The very sound of that sense used to irritate me when I was younger. sigh. When I was younger. You also start to repeat yourself and that's irritating too. Anyway, when I was younger, I wondered what the world would be like in the 21st century. I yearned to see it. Being an avid sci-fi fan and a trekkie, I half expected humans to have visited Mars in the year 2010 and discovered molecular transportation (beam me up scottie)... Now that I am here, and seen it all, can I go back ... it's not that fabulous afterall. No Aliens, no robots in the home, no flying cars... lots of fast food though.

Maybe I'm kidding myself, but I like to believe that I am growing old gracefully. I dress right for my age. I look the part. But good golly miss molly, inside, I am just the same old young hooligan, rock chick, longing to go out and party and dance the night away till the early hours. It's the mind again, it just will not age gracefully. Thankfully, the body plods along on its own and refuses to give to the mind.

Sigh... so here I am facing age all alone. It's fine really. It's fine.