Monday, March 28, 2011

life's not easy: Loneliness.

life's not easy: Loneliness.



A persevering dull ache in your head
Persisting especially in my bed
Singeing, not so briefly,
heavy with an undesirable stench;
Driving, deriving persistently,
sitting like a judge on a bench.

Inhibiting your mind, your soul, your heart.
Hemorrhaging into other parts of your mind
spreading of undesirable illness, part by part.
 Birthing an abnormality of a kind;
to images that you sluggishly cart,
to a weight you cannot unbind.
Loneliness is cold but in its path of destruction its bold
it wrecks you from within
leaving your skin thin
and your spirit marred and in fold

You no longer stand upright
Loneliness freezes you with fright
Your arms always outstretched 
Wanting anything even if a wretch
Needing to be with anyone
Looking for a companion

The lonely make mistakes
erroneously taking comfort from fakes.
Later crying out from failure
of recognising the wicked allure.

And when you try to fill it
with thoughts and images and sounds,
allowing any little distraction to slip
Still, it does not go away, it abounds.
Always there, like a dog's tick.
A deep devouring black mound.

Oh to remedy this malady
To  flush it out totally.

Where is the terminator of this loneliness.
What will rid this ache that was gnawing away in your mindless.  
Before Loneliness drives one to madness, to confusion and to suicide.
A harsh dis-ease inside,
from which is hard to hide.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Of all the things to blog about... why did I choose this?  I suppose because it irritates me the most.  I see loads of young ladies who think they are the next big thing to hit the catwalk.  They think they are... no one else does, mind you.
I guess I'm sending out some advice here.  Remember the proverb: One man's meat is another man's poison; well bear that in mind next time, you potentials look in the mirror ok.  Your mama may think you're beautiful but no one else will have the same opinion.  When a hundred people tell you that you're beautiful in a span of 3 months, then, and only then do you qualify to be in the book of the beautiful people.  Otherwise, you fall in the category of attractive.  And there's nothing wrong with that.

Listen here, ladies and some of you guys too; international models (who have made it big) are not always chosen for their "beauty", sometimes, they are actually chosen for the "unique" looks for example : Alek Walek; and Omahyra Mota;   alot of times, designers prefer their models to be rather plain looking.  Designers do not want their designs to be upstaged by pretty faces.  Other designers look for that "look" that is edgy or even unusual,  that would deliver and complement their designs.  Just ponder a while on this, please.
Models are not always pretty.

Reality 2:  Make up makes them look good as well as  good make up artists and hair dressers.

Reality Check 3:  Fashion is not about the model and never will be, its about the clothes and the designer who created the clothes.  The harsh reality is:  The Model is a walking HANGER!! - hence why designers and model agencies insist on them being skinny, so that they can carry off the clothes.  Skinny never made anyone look good. Slim is lovely but skinny is plain old disgusting!!  Unsexy! and sick... hard to appreciate a walking skeleton. Personally it freaks me out. aaaarrrggghhhhh!

The sad thing is that alot of models walk around thinking they're hot and gorgeous ... sorry dolls but only 10% of the populace think that and they are usually dirty old men, impressionable young teens and insecure people; the rest of us don't buy into your reality.

You don't need a latent talent to be a model, just be stick thin, tall and be able walk on two legs,  and you'll probably make it as a catwalk / runway model ... I say probably because there's a load of competition out there for the same few jobs.  Too many models and not enough jobs to go round.

Here's another reality check 4:  there are many modeling jobs out there other than the few catwalk ones.  Yes, there are! if you are willing to do them that is.  There's commercial modeling using real people models. This is probably the most lucrative type of modeling and literally anyone can do this.  You don't need to be tall, or skinny or 16 .  Even your grandmother can be a commercial model.  TV ads need real people to advertise their products and that's what they use, real people.  Fat people qualify too!!

You can be a promoter, usually models do this or students who need money.  Or you can be an usher for events even.  Photography model, editorial model, catalogue model, and the list goes on and on and on... you just need a good agent or be a smart cookie and do your research and network well.

Being a model is not easy and does not necessarily guarantee success; if at all.  Be prepared to starve or have a second job or a rich boyfriend, whichever is easier for you.

The one thing you shouldn't be is a snob.  Don't carry yourself like you're the next "Naomi Campbell" ... be more professional and show some respect for yourself please.

The most successful models got to the top in the first place by being hardworking, devoted, passionate and very professional in the beginning of their careers.  The being bitchy bit came later, when they already got fame and fortune.  Sad but true.  But hey, they only got that way when they attained fame not before!  Don't get it the wrong way round.

One of the nicest and very professional models I have met in the Far East was Amber Chia... her attitude was good and professional and she showed respect unlike the other nobodies who modeled in the same event.  And I will never forget her for her professionalism.  The others I can't even remember their faces let alone their names but not Amber Chia.  Hence, I will mention her name as an example.  Now that's fame.  She's one smart cookie.

I don't want to put models down, I just want to wake some of them up ... nudge them into the real world ... and some of them behave like real bimbos, its sad.  All an organisor ever asks is for you to remember details and be on time and do your job, its not much to ask is it?.  Behaving like a prima donna does not endear you to a show organisor and thus guarantees that you wont work with them again; can you afford to do that?
Remember you may have earned a few hundred dollars doing one show but he/she has earned a few thousand... feel humbled a bit huh?   You do one show, he/she does dozens... now do you feel humbled?  Good organisers have the ear of the client, you dont!  are you awake yet?

Organisers have a profession that can last years, it does not matter if they gain weight or get old, but a model has a short life span, for the same reasons: age and weight... sigh... am I hitting home yet?

Look, all I'm saying is that you need to know and do your work well, and listen to people in the know, humble yourself a little, learn and see how far you go.

Also, you will need alternatives in life, you cant model forever, it won't feed you. You need other skills, go out there and learn another skill - that's your backup.

I will write more soon and hopefully, you have heard me.

Has reality sunk in yet??