Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Blogger Buzz: Show off your Followers

Blogger Buzz: Show off your Followers

life's not easy: smoking

life's not easy: smoking

life's not easy: Life is Hard

life's not easy: Life is Hard

Scientific Fact about men.

Scientific Fact: 

A recent scientific study found that women find different male faces attractive depending on where they are in their menstrual cycle. 
For example, when a woman is ovulating she will prefer a man with rugged, masculine features. 
And just before she is menstruating, she prefers a man doused in petrol and set on fire, with scissors stuck in his eyes and a baseball bat shoved up his ass.

- I found this hysterically funny....  I wonder if there is one similar for men or is it that they just prefer women anytime.....
It's mostly sexual with men, except when they want to be pampered eh.... not many men out there who just want to be friends... there is always an ulterior motive.
Here is a wise comment from her mommy to her young son: 
A three-year-old boy was examining his testicles while taking a bath.

"Mom", he asked, "are these my brains?"

"Not yet," she replied

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Antonia, sat on her bed, with her book open, she wasn't reading the words in front of her.   The words just floated around the page, and collided with each other, randomly, making horrendous  noises in her head.  "Stupid girl!", "Donkey!!", "Dirty!!", "Nobody Loves YOU!", "Stupid! stupid!" "now what you going to do " "hate"....... horrid words hissing and spitting at her.
She wanted to stop thinking, it was hurting ... she felt such pain.   Butterflies  wouldn't stop flapping their frantic  wings in her stomach.  Oh, it hurt.  She hurt.  
Her eyes stung, more pain than she cared for; she didn't want pain.   Laughter is what she wanted. 
"I want to laugh!" she screamed silently and that hurt too!  Desperation steamed out of her every pore!

Her pain was hard to bear; too much for a 10 year old.   Where does she go from her, what does she do with it, with all this pain she felt.   She certainly couldn't tell mother or father, for they were part of the cause, and she certainly couldn't tell her brother or sister, for they were too young to understand and she did not want to upset them.
She felt so alone.   The tears did not flow as they should have done.  Of course, she wanted to cry but the tears just wont come.   So dry, alone, by herself, in this bed of pain.  Her mind hurt so much, she was thinking but nothing made sense at all.   Antonio was so confused by her muddled thoughts, so many sentences that made her sick were in her head, banging away, furiously.  

The nasty man made her feel helpless, stupid and dirty, she remembered that too well, but she couldn't understand why??   Why do men want to do that to her.   Did she ask for it?  Antonio knew that she should have screamed or shouted or something but she couldn't understand herself and why she just let him do it.  She hated herself, yes, she did, no she didn't, no, she is just hurt and upset that's all. 
Maybe it isn't so bad, maybe she will never see him again, maybe he will go away, somewhere so far far far away, she wont need to  look at him again, ever!  But that's not going to happen and she knew it.  Goose pimples rose on her skin, she shivered.  I don't like him! she shouted in her mind... so loud that her eyes winced.  I want my mummy, she cried in desperation but no one heard her whimper!  Antonia sat looking at her book, still silent and still in pain.  
'Mummy.....', the word lay stuck in her throat.  No one heard her.  She was alone. Very Alone.

The pain stabbed repeated at the little slim girl, with breasts hardly formed, and a face that is etched with sadness of the life that she is living.   Another incident of pain with no sight of peace ahead of her, little did she know, there was more of the same to come to her.    The future is already written already for the wretched girl.  The ten short years she's lived have been branded like a sheep, her life has been soiled,  and thus she will live her life, nothing different to look forward to anymore.   Normal is not for her.  It's too late now for that child, Antonia, and she doesn't even realise it.  

Her eyes dry, her mouth dry, her body trembling, her mind a muddle, she sat there for a long time, confused and sodden.

Antonio just kept repeating over and over : "mummy....." to the world that did not hear, her mother never heard her.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I just want to remember these things and that's why I should write them down.

Have noticed today that she has not touched anything that we have bought- she will not eat the bread we buy even though i know she likes brown/wheat/granary breads. She totally will not touch it.

She does not use the milk i use, apparently it's not the right brand.

even the fabric washing liquid is also the wrong brand - she willnot use it for her clothes either.

I bought some fruit - she willnot touch any of it.

I offered her some nuts - she doesnt like nuts she says and adds she's not hungry but in the next 2 minutes literally, she goes to the kitchen and brings out a bowl of porridge and proceeds to eat that. I hasten to add that the porridge is full of nuts, and raisins too.

the bottle of barley lime cordial that I had purchased and placed on the shelf with the other cordials (hers), has no been left on the shelf on its own, as she has removed all her bottles away and placed them on another shelf.

perhaps our cordial will contaminate hers.

she is adamant that she will not eat or use anything that we purchase - she does not want any of our stuff!

she will only use her own - she lets us use her stuff but willnot touch ours!

what should I do now! it does make us feel like we are intruders and blood suckers! Like we are living off her. Well, I dont want to feel like that. I would like to stop using her stuff and eating her food and I will do it now.... albeit gradually.

she is gradually alienating us and doing it on purpose and oh so subtly too.

When we argued last week about the file, I told her that she is making us feel unwanted and as if we are outsiders, like contractors, due to her behaviour. She denied it so much and said that she does not have one evil bone in her body and that it was me that had the problem; that i had always harboured nasty thoughts about her and that i hated her.

she even pointed out that it is me who behavours unreasonably from being a young girl and that she is innocent and always has been; that she is god fearing and loved by god! whereas me, well, she couldnt speak on my behalf, but she can say that i was twarted and twisted and bitter , and finally added that someone was always being snide about her behind her back to him. the word she used was: fitnah - someone alway fitnahs you against me. Well, dear, are you talking about my husband??? think again .... you have never been further from the truth!

She has treated him like a contractor since he arrived her.... she has been rude to him, talked down to him and ordered him about as if he was an idiot!

Yet, she says, I treat him with respect and spoil him.

I am tired of her behaviour but I promised my brother, that I would help and I owe him alot for helping us out.... but she is another matter.

When she and I had a chat about it.... she says " i do respect what you do but not him. he's nasty. but you cant run away from the fact that I am your mother and that's that"

How sad she has become or has she always been that way. in a weird way, she has some love for me but she hates me as a person . Admittedly I dont like her as a person either.

Worst of all, I hate that she is so full of herself and exornorates herself from blame. She puts herself on a pedestal... high above everyone.... she really only loves herself.... everyone else has a place in her life ... we are all there for a purpose and the purpose is so as it serves her !

We argued because I was asking my husband to make a few phone calls to chase payments, hence I was showing him the invoice file. She barges in and sits for 5 secs on her desk, sees what I am doing and runs to me desk, demanding to know what I am doing. When I tell her, she defensively says: Why are you giving him my job. you have no right to let him do my job!

thence starts the row of a life time.

thing is , she had said previously that she will not call clients for money - I had to do it. So, when I am busy, I ask him to do it. What's the harm? Afterall she did not want to do it and had made it clear to me. So what's the problem. It's no secret work - he's just helping.

Oh no! she does not like it at all.

Of course I yell and scream at her.... I am appalled by such attitude.

Ah well.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Smoking Causes Cancer, reads every advert on all cigarette packets; yes, I know, no need to bloody remind me.   I am not illiterate or stupid! But thanks for telling me. Duh!  I am educated, with average intelligence, a fantastic imagination, sufficiently articulated and am wholly aware of the dangers of cigarette/tobacco smoking.  Thank you very much Mr General Surgeon or Surgeon General and the Ministry of Health for the warning.  I will not heed your warning however, I voluntarily choose to ignore it!!
I appreciate the trouble you have gone to, to place nasty and gory pictures on packets of cigarettes, presumably to put us off smoking.  It must have cost the tobacco company millions of dollars to do that and I realise it's because of your insistance.  
But really, you need not have gone to all that bother.  I will exercise my rights and still carry on smoking.  If I die because of smoking then so be it. Your concern for my health is touching but not necessary.  I am a big girl now and if I choose to die of lung cancer, or heart disease, really , it's my choice, not yours.  
Look, I am gonna die one day anyway, if it's 5 years sooner than expectation, then so be it, I've had good innings and besides, in this day and age of stress and pressure, why the devil would I want to live longer anyway.  Whatsmore, I dont think I can afford to live longer, the prices of things nowadays, and the rising's enough to frighten anyone to an early grave.    And besides, the sooner I go the better for a younger person to get my job......  dont mind making room for a younger person. 

If you say, that the government will spend loads of money on people like me due to medical bills, hey, how often do we get free medical attention anyway.  We paid into the system enough to qualify for healthcare.  And at the same time, we have to pay for health insurance, so,  how is it costing the government ???  

You reckon I may be harming others. OOOO I'm sorry, can they get out of my way please...  they dont need to be near me afterall.   Why dont the non-smokers go out into the fresh air?  Isnt that what they want in the first place?   Let us smokers stay inside the 'den' of trapped smoke and choke ourselves to death... it's our choice afterall.   Right?!   Why designate us to the outdoors?  We dont want fresh air! We want dirty smoke !! Keep us in smoky rooms please.

You increase the price of tobacco and say it's for our own good.... really?... I thought that it was to line your governmental pockets.... you make alot of many out of us and you know it.   You know it's not easy to quit our habit, and you know that no matter how much you increase the price, we'll still buy our tobacco, you know the habits of an addict..... you know it's a surefire way to make money.... so you use it.  You cant get to use via the social outcast modes of yesteryear so to try to outcast us in another way. By threatening us with bad health, and bad hygiene.  Tsk tsk tsk.... what tactics you display mr Wolf!

Why dont you put heavy taxes on alcohol??    Are alcoholics socially acceptable? more acceptable than smokers!    Are alcoholics harmless??    Are they not abusive to themselves and to others too?  Are families, careers and lives not ruined by alcohol?  
Yet it is easier and more acceptable to get cheap alcohol than it is to get cigarettes.  Why are we being manipulated thus?  Why is alcohol and alcoholics not victimised as much as smokers???
Am I missing the point?  Why?
Who can answer me?

Is alcohol more healthy than smoking?  Why dont alcohol bottles have health warnings?? with gory pictures?? and abused spousses and children?
When was the last time, a smoker beat his wife or smacked his kids???  How many smokers walk into the road in stupor? How many smokers drove their cars dangerously and killed another person.  How many tobacco smokers are unaware or without their full faculty whilst smoking???

Ah, the smoker spat some flam in the basin, geez, that's an offence, put him/her in jail for it.  Hah! that smoker just coughed labouriously, call the cops!   Oh No!, that smoker stinks of tobacco, get the stink bomb police on him/her!   Look another smoker, just flicked ash all over the carpet, throw him out!!  

Look, I can appreciate, that some people are bothered by smoke. Fair enough.  But this blatant prejudice is totally unjustified.  Give us a break!!!  
If you must do this to us then do the same with alcohol.  ;-)  that will put afew businesses on the red road to bankruptcy. 

Personally, I will carry on smoking.  It's my pleasure ... I actually enjoy it.  And I try not to inconvenience people but the thing is , people make it inconvenient for me.  How selfish of them.  I am no pariah!  I dont hurt anyone. i dont abuse anyone.  I just want to have a smoke at my ease.  if you dont like it, move to another table or go to another venue. Just leave me alone. 
I am happy .... what's your problem.

have a nice smoky day people.   :-)) puff puff

Who am I ?

Ah what a good question.  Can you really truly answer this question?  Seriously now.... think about it for a moment.....  
shhhh.....  just put your thoughts together for a moment.....  
If you answered: I am ME!  then I will put another question to you: Who is ME??  ...... think now........  Who are you????
You are another human being, a homosapien, one of millions upon millions of others, living on a planet called Earth; living and working, maybe with family maybe not, maybe single, maybe married, maybe working, maybe not, maybe well, maybe not, maybe rich, maybe not..........  but who are YOU????
What makes you any different than anyone else?  What differentiates you?  If you can answer this then you know yourself well.  It's not easy knowing who you are.  Not easy knowing what you can or cant do or what you are capable or incapable of....  it's not easy admitting to your positive or negative aspects.  
We all aspire to be something or someone else... someone we think will be better or who can accomplish more or whatever.  Truth is: you should be happy with who you are, no matter what your perceived short comings are... if you can accept YOU! then you know who you are and you can learn to accept who you are.  so maybe the question should be: DO I ACCEPT WHO I AM? 

Let's face it, few of us accept ourselves.  We want more from ourselves; or we think we are not good enough and can do better.  Forget it, that's who you are and no more.... nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with you either. Learn to accept it and you life will be easier and alot happier.  But oh no, that's not good enough for you, afterall, mum and dad expect more from you dont they.  And your husband/wife, expect more from you, you cant let them down afterall.  Phooweee!!
If your husband/wife dont like you the way you are , why did they marry you in the first place?
If your mum/dad want more from you, why bring you into this world?
If your boss expects more from you, tell him to hire someone else.
If you think you hate your job, find another one.
If you think you can do better in life, go back to school and learn another trade, and get a better paying job.
If you think  you are too old, then, maybe you are, get over it.
If you think you are too young, then, tell yourself: I'll be the first young person to ........... 
If you think you're too fat, diet! and exercise
If you think you're too thin, stop lying and showing off
If you think you're too nice, really, well done You.
If you think you're being bullied, then go report it or get a body guard
IF you think you're tired, get vitamins and work on improving your health
If you hate your boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, then drop him/her and get another friend, plenty of fish in the sea
If you cant drive, go learn or use public transport
If you cant sing, then learn to appreciate those who can
If you cant act, then just watch those who can and appreciate their talent
If you cant write then just be a good reader
If you cant love, then take a walk and look for the beautiful things around you and learn to appreciate them, love will come to those who learn to appreciate
If you think no one respects you then learn to respect them first and see what happens
IF you want to be rich, appreciate poverty first and aim high, time will see you right
If you cant be punctual then apologise first, and set your watch to half an hour earlier
If you cant wake up in the morning, then, make later appointments
If you're getting bored reading this, then go to the next blog, I'm getting tired writing this too now...................