Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Simple Thank You to MJ
  - Tribute to MJ in poetry - 
2009 - Written by Amal Alkaff Coad

Today for you, we mourn 
Our hearts ripped torn
by news of your demise
your parting seemed so unprecise.

Who would have guessed 
your parting was so pressed

No warning 
No preparing

we were waiting for a comeback 
for your new release to shake and crack
the new generation
that does not yet understand your sensation

Like maternal love, your music & sound
nurtured, made our spirits bound
the beat made us reel 
your rhythmic lyric made us feel

One of a few 
that MJ was you

we suspected your sadness
we never assumed madness
we just loved your music
for us it was terrific

if your life had been different 
you would not be so iridescent
I'm sorry your life so torturous it had to be 
for without that we would never see

what wonderful sounds you could deliver
for our ears and senses to quiver

Thank you for the innovation
thank you for the motivation
thank you for moving our generation
thank you for giving us our sensation

26th June 2009

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