Thursday, August 7, 2008

Who am I ?

Ah what a good question.  Can you really truly answer this question?  Seriously now.... think about it for a moment.....  
shhhh.....  just put your thoughts together for a moment.....  
If you answered: I am ME!  then I will put another question to you: Who is ME??  ...... think now........  Who are you????
You are another human being, a homosapien, one of millions upon millions of others, living on a planet called Earth; living and working, maybe with family maybe not, maybe single, maybe married, maybe working, maybe not, maybe well, maybe not, maybe rich, maybe not..........  but who are YOU????
What makes you any different than anyone else?  What differentiates you?  If you can answer this then you know yourself well.  It's not easy knowing who you are.  Not easy knowing what you can or cant do or what you are capable or incapable of....  it's not easy admitting to your positive or negative aspects.  
We all aspire to be something or someone else... someone we think will be better or who can accomplish more or whatever.  Truth is: you should be happy with who you are, no matter what your perceived short comings are... if you can accept YOU! then you know who you are and you can learn to accept who you are.  so maybe the question should be: DO I ACCEPT WHO I AM? 

Let's face it, few of us accept ourselves.  We want more from ourselves; or we think we are not good enough and can do better.  Forget it, that's who you are and no more.... nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with you either. Learn to accept it and you life will be easier and alot happier.  But oh no, that's not good enough for you, afterall, mum and dad expect more from you dont they.  And your husband/wife, expect more from you, you cant let them down afterall.  Phooweee!!
If your husband/wife dont like you the way you are , why did they marry you in the first place?
If your mum/dad want more from you, why bring you into this world?
If your boss expects more from you, tell him to hire someone else.
If you think you hate your job, find another one.
If you think you can do better in life, go back to school and learn another trade, and get a better paying job.
If you think  you are too old, then, maybe you are, get over it.
If you think you are too young, then, tell yourself: I'll be the first young person to ........... 
If you think you're too fat, diet! and exercise
If you think you're too thin, stop lying and showing off
If you think you're too nice, really, well done You.
If you think you're being bullied, then go report it or get a body guard
IF you think you're tired, get vitamins and work on improving your health
If you hate your boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, then drop him/her and get another friend, plenty of fish in the sea
If you cant drive, go learn or use public transport
If you cant sing, then learn to appreciate those who can
If you cant act, then just watch those who can and appreciate their talent
If you cant write then just be a good reader
If you cant love, then take a walk and look for the beautiful things around you and learn to appreciate them, love will come to those who learn to appreciate
If you think no one respects you then learn to respect them first and see what happens
IF you want to be rich, appreciate poverty first and aim high, time will see you right
If you cant be punctual then apologise first, and set your watch to half an hour earlier
If you cant wake up in the morning, then, make later appointments
If you're getting bored reading this, then go to the next blog, I'm getting tired writing this too now...................

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