Monday, March 28, 2011



A persevering dull ache in your head
Persisting especially in my bed
Singeing, not so briefly,
heavy with an undesirable stench;
Driving, deriving persistently,
sitting like a judge on a bench.

Inhibiting your mind, your soul, your heart.
Hemorrhaging into other parts of your mind
spreading of undesirable illness, part by part.
 Birthing an abnormality of a kind;
to images that you sluggishly cart,
to a weight you cannot unbind.
Loneliness is cold but in its path of destruction its bold
it wrecks you from within
leaving your skin thin
and your spirit marred and in fold

You no longer stand upright
Loneliness freezes you with fright
Your arms always outstretched 
Wanting anything even if a wretch
Needing to be with anyone
Looking for a companion

The lonely make mistakes
erroneously taking comfort from fakes.
Later crying out from failure
of recognising the wicked allure.

And when you try to fill it
with thoughts and images and sounds,
allowing any little distraction to slip
Still, it does not go away, it abounds.
Always there, like a dog's tick.
A deep devouring black mound.

Oh to remedy this malady
To  flush it out totally.

Where is the terminator of this loneliness.
What will rid this ache that was gnawing away in your mindless.  
Before Loneliness drives one to madness, to confusion and to suicide.
A harsh dis-ease inside,
from which is hard to hide.


petitemodel87 said...

Why when I've followed your blog, these new posts dont show up on my feed?? ... Luckily I just randomly decided to come check.. Sigh..

Lonely? You have me.. Arms open and stretch.. And hug ME.. =) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

AAC said...

I really dont know why you're not getting any notice on your feed.... weird right.... hmmmm ;-)